Positioning websites or so called SEO – search engine optimization are actions both technical and marketing taken in internet. These actions cause Your website to be more visible in internet – which leads to increase the traffic on website, therefore greater amount of potential clients. Positioning consists of few elements:


Above described actions are basics that we perform when positioning website. Of course range of things to do with SEO positioning is much wider, but it requires advanced skills. Advanced actions related to positioning we’ll describe in next articles.

Increase of traffic on website and positioning

As we mentioned above – the higher the rank of our website in search engine results the higher traffic on it. Currently about 85% of traffic on most of websites comes from search engines. Rest of traffic is from direct enters on website or links from other sites.

12% - Direct Visits

That traffic isn't large, but important

Traffic from direct visits

Nothing compares to traffic that comes from search engine

85 % - Search Engines

Most of the traffic comes from search engine

Google Search Engine

Direct visits are also important element of traffic on our website.

4% - Links from other sites

Links leading to our service

Links to our website

Websites that lead to us also generate traffic.

As you can notice most of traffic on Your website comes from search engine. Many people wonder why despite nice website they get no traffic. Of course website must be appealing to client, but if no one never heard of it then where the traffic will come from? New websites usually are very low in search results. The best solution in this situation is SEO website positioning. Website will rise in search engine and with it a traffic on it.

Positioning websites and rate of visits on it

When we decide to position our internet website it’s worth to choose key phrases, that are most important for us, it’s not worth to position website for 300 key phrases. It’s better to focus on few but really essential. Rank of our key phrase in search engine has huge meaning. Let’s use comparition. If our keyword ie. “positioning websites is on first position and 10 thousand people monthly visits it than on competition site, that is listed on second position only 2 thousand people will enter. Difference in rank is minimal while traffic difference is huge. Below we publish scheme that shows places where people click most often when seaking phrases on internet.

pozycjonowanie stron internetowych seo www

Shown image ilustrates the most offen clicked positions by internet users. Shown on it situation relates practicly to every other query. As you can see the most popular are phrases on 1-3 position. Rest of phrases, that are below must accept much lower traffic. We have to take care so our phrases will be on top positions because in many cases it results the way that our invested money in positioning may just not be worth it – what everyone would rather avoid. Better to choose right company that will make us ranked in TOP 1-3.

SEO positioning – future of world marketing?

Many experts tell already that SEO positioning websites is best way to promote your business. Even now radio adveretisment or banner in large city doesn’t gives so many benefits as high rank in Google. All because of dynamic technology advancement. Practicly every one owns in his house a computer with access to internet or smartphone. Looking interesting services we don’t use phone book, but we use search enginethat’s why SEO positioning is best way to let peoplo know about your business.